connected. valued. fulfilled.

Happy, connected, fulfilled and valued employees make for a more engaged and effective workplace.

For over 13 years, I've helped coach individuals and businesses to create a workplace culture that actually works.  To me workplace happiness, connected and valued teams are paramount to the success of any organisation.

I am not here to just tick boxes, fit round pegs into square holes and respond to a reactionary hiring process. I am here to help every individual I work with map out there career goals and create a strategic plan on how to reach their potential. I work intimately with talent to carve out a successful professional pathway that works with their goals and aspirations. This takes time, trust and a carefully orchestrated plan.

Maslow’s mission;  to ensure I find the very best fit for every client business so that both your talent and your business thrive.
Culture is more than a foosball table and an open bar on a friday night.