connected. valued. fulfilled.

Happy, connected, fulfilled and valued employees make for a more engaged and effective workplace.

For over 12 years, I've helped coach individuals and business and companeis to create a culture that works.  To me workplace happiness, connected and valued teams are paramount to the success of any organisation.

I am not here to just tick boxes on reactionary hiring processes. I'm here to help every individual talent I work with map out there career goals and reach their potential.  I work closely to carve out a successful professional pathway for their future. This takes time, trust and a carefully orchestrated plan. Maslow's mission;  to ensure I find the very best fit for every client business so that both your talent, and your business thrives.

With a background in advertising, design and digital both in London and NZ, and a Masters in Design, Vic is an experienced recruiter in the creative/tech sector. She has a deep understanding and passion for business and tech innovation, that includes a comprehensive understanding of nascent techologies, blockchain, AI, IoT along with a deep understanding of UX/CX strategy.

VIc prides herself on creating strong and long term relationships with her talent. Her networks are global and vast, this helps to ensure your  teams and cultures create real value and optimal results.

Culture is more than a foosball table and an open bar on a friday night.