Our Team

Introducing your dedicated Talent Recruiter Vic Jack and HR Consultant Carlene Campbell.  We help individuals and businesses create a company culture that makes working there a meaningful experience, with employees that are happy, fulfilled and effective. It is our mission to ensure we find the very best fit for your company so that both your biggest asset, your talent, and your business thrives.


Vic jack


With a background in Advertising and Digital both in London and NZ, Vic has over 10 years experience in recruiting in the creative industries. With a Masters in Design and a passion for business, sustainability, innovation and tech, Vic has a thorough understanding of Design and Advertising, knows how to build sustainable teams that achieve optimal results.

Vic also runs a blog and podcast channel Be Your Own Heroine. As with Maslow's core mission, her passion is to ensure women to attain success in the career and thrive.

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Carlene Campbell


Carlene has worked for various corporate, manufacturing (union & non union) and service environments. She has a solid foundation of generalist HR skills and specialist capabilities in people & performance management, change management, conflict resolution and total business human resource strategies.

Her philosophy is that HR practices are an enabler rather than a disabler, with a no BS approach, Carlene is your HR Advisor, who in partnership with you, the business owner,  and employees will help grow your business, your staff and profits.