Top 10 reasons why you need our remote HR

When you think of HR do you think - 

  • Human Resources (people stuff)
  • Administrative business function.
  • An overhead cost that most SMEs can't afford to have. 
  • Time consuming employee transactional functions like hire & fire
  • Complexity and too many procedures
  • Goodie two shoes to scared to break the rules?

At Maslow, we view HR very differently from most.  However,  let's get one thing straight,  I'm not talking about payroll here,  I am great at many things, however, I will leave payroll to the experts!

The most frequented asked question I get is "why?, why do I need HR when I can download everything I need from Google?.  My response - yes you can download most of what you need, however great these resources may be, they are generic and not developed with the culture of your business in mind.  They also lack the personal touch, and when something turns to shit there is no one to call.

Maslow's HR is about people, it's about relationships, it's about understanding your business, it's about a partnership.  It’s personal, and yes it's about that administrative stuff too. 

The #1 question to ask yourself is - 

1. Why do we want to spend time on non-revenue generating tasks?


Around 97% of enterprises in New Zealand are small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Despite their small size they punch above their weight and contribute an impressive 28%+ to New Zealand’s GDP.  They are diverse in their employee makeup as they are in the industries they are active in.  With the disruption of technology SME’s now find it even easier to go global.  

Jack of all trades

So what about all the people and administrative stuff? 

From my experience, the CEO, GM or Financial Controller with the support of a general administrator becomes the HR person.  People stuff gets dealt with, administrative stuff sometimes, compliance stuff (questionable) and that’s typically as far as the HR stuff goes.  Sometimes they have to dig deep into their pockets when things go wrong.  

HR used to be less complex - there was hire, fire, payroll and working out the odd kerfuffle.  Life has not only got more complex and busy but so has the complexity of our employment and Health & Safety landscapes.  So, ask yourself again - “why do we want to spend time on non-revenue generating tasks?  That if dealt with swiftly in the first place wouldn’t be a problem?


  1. COST - has to be the #1 driver for most SMEs - you are in luck,  with your HR working remotely and on tap due to fixed packages you not only know your monthly outgoings but you can also sleep easy at night knowing that when something is turning sour your HR Business Partner is just a phone call away
  2. TIME - this is the one commodity which is always a premium.  Business owners need to spend their time directly on things that will grow their business
  3. COMPLIANCE - No need to troll Google in hope of finding the latest and fully compliant template, your remote HR Business Partner will not only have this but will also amend so its fit for your workplace & situation.
  4. HEALTH & SAFETY - what more is there to say?,  with recent changes to the Act if you are not participating in this actively at your place of business then you are walking a tight rope.
  5. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT - most SMEs have people managing staff that have no experience, let alone exposure to the challenges of people management.  With your Remote HR Business Partner advises can be provided before a situation becomes attainable.
  6. FACILITATION - Who facilitates your strategic growth meetings?  Business planning sessions? typically it’s the CEO or GM - who then struggles to really hear what’s been discussed as they record the session and try to participate.
  7. HAPPY AND ENGAGED TALENT - talent engagement goes beyond the odd morning tea shout and annual performance discussion,  it’s ensuring that your vision is alive and kicking and is meaningful to staff - not stuck on the wall above the photocopier.  
  8. CULTURE - when its awesome everything just seems to run smoothly, but it only takes one employee or slight shift away from your vision to upset workplace culture,  a trained eye, that is external to your company working with you to get you back on track is a phone call away.
  9. ON TRACK AND PUMPING - so while you are driving your business forward who is driving you?  Who is keeping an eye on what’s been done via strategic plans?Your HR Business Partner is exactly that - Business Partner - succeeding together.
  10. ME - I think this tops all of the above personally!  We get to work together!