Workplace Happiness - Tips for a happier workplace

When was the last time you asked anyone in the office if they were happy? In an industry that prides itself on work hard, play hard ethics, it would be surprising if you had actually ever been asked that at all.

But times are changing. The proliferation of device-centric communication and technology means we are permanently 'on'. This is counterproductive when you want a present, balanced and effective employee. Change and organisational strategies and employment practices need to proactively look after the people working in your business, let's call this 'workplace happiness insurance'. Employing methodologies that increase workplace wellbeing, avoid burnout and serious mental and physical health problems, will be the difference between losing a valued member of your team and the ongoing success of your business.

Here are our top 10 tips for a healthier and happier workplace

  • Set up and schedule regular 15 min weekly check-ins with your staff.
  • Create a 5 min compulsory daily online wellness journaling practice. 
  • Encourage buddying staff up - wellness accountability
  • Have weekly WIP meetings outside in an open space.
  • Look at workplace ergonomics, get standing desks, have good lighting and adequate space.
  • Have a shared lunch midweek, share and recognise individual successes and encourage people to share something that may be challenging.
  • Insist on people taking proper breaks. Create a no eating at desk policy.
  • Replace the Friday night drinks with lunchtime yoga session or massage.
  • Have space or room that people can use for mindfulness/meditation/power naps and promote it. 
  • Set realistic schedules when responding to RFP or new business pitches. Remember working all-nighters leads to sleep deprivation, mistakes, overwhelm and imbalance.