Negotiating your role - be brave, confident and prepared!

Negotiation - it's not hard if you're prepared and confident!

Recently, I was interviewed by Bauer Media for Now magazine. The subject, 'Women and how to negotiate'.

There are a number of theories behind why women are afraid to talk about money or even actually ask, after being offered an opportunity and at time of a performance review. An unwillingness to 'talk money' may be based on the legacy of learned behaviours from our parents or grandparents or the stereotyped gendered behaviours in the media.

In many cases, women feel that they don't have the exact skills or experience outlined in the job description and so, are unsure that they can then do the job effectively. Yet, when it comes to careers there are many additional attributes that individuals bring to the business. These can include; adaptability, leadership, coachability, collaboration, team building, complementary personalities to the existing team, or flexibility. And, these are all very valuable when negotiating your worth inside a role.

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And remember, be brave, be prepared and be badass! 


Career Calling?

Career Calling?

Your last day of work often can't come soon enough, you have worked hard to ensure all your work is in order to ensure a smooth handover, unless you are one of the lucky ones whereby a fixed term maternity cover has already started! You then embark on your maternity leave, which is a very personal experience, and one that should be cherished, however, this period is often tainted by the ever pending return to work. It has been my experience that parents fall into the following categories